July 27 (Wed) - 28 (Thu) 2016 Venue: Toki Messe (Niigata Convention Center)

Lodging & Excursions

Lodging and excursions for the Geoparks Niigata International Forum are handled by JTB Kanto's Niigata Branch Office.

If you would like to apply for accommodations or take part in one of the excursions, please do so from the forum registration page.

Please check below for an overview of available accommodations and excursions. 

<Accommodation Plans (All prices are per person, per night)>

Hotel Room Price (JPY) From Niigata Sta.  From Venue
Hotel Nikko Niigata Single
10 min by car/taxi Next to venue
ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Niigata Single
10 min walk 5 min by car/taxi
Hotel Sunroute Niigata Single 8,000 3 min walk 10 min by car/taxi
Niigata Daiichi Hotel Single 7,500 3 min walk 10 min by car/taxi

<Excursion Courses>

 Course Fee (Per Person in JPY)   Ending Location
Sado Geopark
 Island of Gold and Ibises:
  From Shipping to Agriculture
30,000 (2 guests 1 room)
38,000 (1 guest 1 room)
Port Niigata
Naeba Sanroku Geopark
 The Beauty of Naeba Sanroku Geopark:
  Touring Akiyamago
29,000 (2 guests 1 room)
33,000 (1 guest 1 room)
Echigoyuzawa Sta.
Itoigawa Geopark
 Kotakigawa Jade Gorge &
  Japan's East-West Border:

 Explore Japan's First Jade Deposit &
  the Fossa Magna
29,000 (1 guest 1 room) Itoigawa Station

〔About Each Course〕
※Buses will depart for each Geopark following the end of Geoparks Niigata International Forum.
※Each schedule is for 2 days and 1 night with a maximum of 30 participants.
※Excursion may be cancelled if fewer than 15 participants join.
※Excursion participation requests are accepted in the order they arrive.
※①Sado Geopark Course led by a tour conductor.