About 119 Emergency Services

In the event of a fire or emergency, please report it by phone by dialing 119.

Please inform the operator calmly and with certainty of what is happening and where. Consequently, someone will quickly arrive at the scene of the incident.

【Reporting Example】

Fire Station(Shoubousho)


Fire department 119. Fire or emergency?

(Shoubou 119 ban desu. Kaji desu ka? Kyuukyuu desu ka?)
Fire. / Emergency.

(Kaji desu. / Kyuukyuu desu.)
What location?(Basho wa doko desu ka?) …..district oaza…..no…..house number …..house

(……chiku oaza…..no…..banchi …taku.)
What is the telephone number there?

(Denwa bangou wa?)
Are there any landmarks nearby?

(Chikaku ni mokuyou-butsu wa?)
In front of ….. intersection.

(…..kousaten mae desu.)
What happened?

(Jyoukyou wa?)
Fire: Something is on fire(building or field, etc.)(Kaji: moeteiru mono [tatemono, kosou?])

Someone is trapped. (Nigeokuru no umu.)

Emergency: Ssick person, number of injured people, circumstances(Kyuukyuu: byounin, keganin no ninzuu, jyoukyou)

(name, date of birth, medical history)(namae, seinengappi, byoureki)

(conscious, breathing, bleeding)(ishiki, kokyuu, shukketsu no umu)
Name of the person reporting, end call This is/I am ….. Mobile phone

(Watashi wa ….. desu. Keitai denwa 123-4567-8910)