In Itoigawa, emergency medical services are maintained 24 hours, 365 days through the cooperation of the city’s medical treatment organizations.

The city’s emergency medical services are organized as follows.

Primary Emergency Medical Care

Primary emergency medical care includes medical treatment that is performed on patients with relatively minor conditions that do not necessarily require emergency medical treatment or hospitalization. Doctors in private practice and staff physicians at Itoigawa General Hospital(Itoigawa Sougou Byouin)work in rotation to secure the medical treatment system.


(Acceptance Hours)
Medical Treatment Facility Name

(Contact Person)
Sundays and National Holidays

(8:30am – 12:30pm)
Itoigawa General Hospital

(Takehana  457-6  Telephone 552-0280)

(6pm – 10pm)
Itoigawa General Hospital
Yoshida Hospital *Surgical Department only

(Yoko-machi 5-9-12  Telephone 553-0711)
Tuesday – Friday

(6pm – 10pm)
Itoigawa General Hospital
Saturday Please consult a physician during the general medical diagnosis hours of the city’s medical treatment facility.

*Please be sure to first contact the hospital by phone before a consultation.

*When consulting a physician, please remember to bring proof of health insurance and proof of any assistance for personal medical expenses.

*From Monday to Wednesday, doctors in private practices are called in to Itoigawa General Hospital to make rounds and diagnoses. Please understand that physicians who are called in to a medical examination room may be out of their office. Thank you for your cooperation.

*Regarding pediatrics, please check with Itoigawa General Hospital, Tani Pediatrics, or Nakamura Children’s Internal Medicine Clinic.

Secondary Emergency Medical Care

Secondary emergency medical care includes medical treatment that is performed on ambulatory patients and those patients with serious illnesses(operations, hospitalization treatments, etc.).

-Acceptance Hours:The system is maintained 24 hours, 365 days

-Accepting Medical Care Facility:Itoigawa General Hospital(Takehana  457-1)

Tertiary Emergency Medical Care

Tertiary emergency medical care usually includes medical treatment that is performed on patients with serious emergency conditions that cannot be treated within the secondary emergency medical care system. Patients will be referred to the Joetsu Prefectural Central Hospital.

Please Note

-If your symptoms are relatively mild, please try to visit your family doctor or general physician.

-Do not use an ambulance in place of a taxi.

-In case of a minor illness that is not related to an emergency, please seek medical treatment during normal hours, and please do not try to visit a doctor at night. If this is unavoidable, please try to see a doctor before 10pm.