In Itoigawa, we respect, recognize and accept one another regardless of race or nationality, while developing enterprises that work towards the realization of a mainly multi-cultural society that strives to live together in harmony.

Main Activities related to multi-cultural symbiosis

◆Japanese Language Classes

In order to fully understand the language and customs and to live a fruitful and enjoyable life, Japanese language classes are offered with the cooperation of the Itoigawa International Exchange Association, a non-profit organization.

◆Life Counseling Center for Foreigners

The Life Counseling Center offers advice on such things as Visas and the Japan Pension Service. No applications are required. Please feel free to visit for a consultation.

◆Trash Sorting and Recycling Guide(Foreign Language Versions)

Chinese and English versions of the “Trash Sorting and Recycling List” have been prepared.

◆Multi-Lingual Medical Questionnaire

A medical questionnaire is available in 15 languages, including Tagalog and Chinese, and is helpful when seeing a physician.

◆Lessons for Assistance with School-life for Foreign Children and Students

Lessons are offered regularly by volunteers to support those children who do not understand Japanese.

◆Life Guidebook for Foreigners

A guidebook has been prepared for the purpose of making life in Japan easier. Chinese and Tagalog language versions are available.

◆Support Courses for Life in Japan

A course is offered that provides information on important matters concerning living in Japan, such as disaster prevention, raising children, etc.